Playstation 4: Beta status of Crossplay finished

Crossplay on the Playstation 4 is no longer in beta mode, but can be used in all games. Jim Ryan, head of Sony Interactive Entertainment, said Conversation with Wired said. This is finally a turnaround completed, with which Sony has been difficult for years. Which other games will get Crossplay in the future, is not known.

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The next big blockbuster with cross-platform multiplayer games is Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, which will be released on October 25, 2019. For the action game, the support of Crossplay has been announced for some time.

Sony had been very heavy for years to allow crossplay on the Playstation. Officially, the reasons given for this were generally general grounds for youth protection or technical aspects. However, there was always a suspicion in the community that the company was primarily concerned with optimally isolating its platform to the outside world.

After much pressure, the company had then since 2017, a change of direction ushered. First, Crossplay was possible in Fortnite Battle Royale. Gradually, then came a few more titles, including the now like Fortnite to Epic Games belonging Rocket League. In some very popular titles, it is still not possible, such as in Minecraft – it may change soon.

Crossplay means the possibility of players competing against each other in multiplayer games via different platforms or sharing virtual adventures in co-op games. Especially when it comes to competitions, there are often restrictions on equal opportunities, so that only players with controllers or with mouse and keyboard can participate in the games.

Normally, the operators of the games can also determine after the start of the matches, who competes with which input device. A simple exchange of gamepad against mouse and keyboard, to gain unfair advantages, is therefore not easily possible.