PlayStation 5 Played on GameBoy (Video)

A YouTuber was able to mirror the PlayStation 5’s screen to GameBoy. Using two different video signal converters to do this, YouTuber could achieve its goal. However, the converters used for these processes were not cheap at all.

Sony and Microsoft have seriously changed the scope of the video game industry with their new generation game consoles. With these consoles, 4K resolution and 120 Hz refresh rates are now a standard became. However, Elliot, one of the creators of a YouTube channel called “The Retro Future,” unsatisfied it will be that he did something crazy. YouTuber tried to play the PlayStation 5 on GameBoy.

Mirroring the PlayStation 5’s screen onto a GameBoy was not that easy. After all a GameBoy, under normal circumstances HD resolution can’t even offer. Being determined to overcome these difficulties, YouTuber overcame these difficulties by using several converters. However, these transforming apparatuses were quite expensive products.

This is how a GameBoy Micro makes the PlayStation 5 look

PlayStation 5 running on GameBoy Micro

YouTuber had to buy a digital / analog converter first of all to turn the PlayStation 5 into a GameBoy. Because PlayStation 5’s digital HD signals cannot be directly reflected on GameBoy. One for this “HDMI-AV“YouTube is converting field, this apparatus could not solve all the problems. If you want to transfer so that one PlayStation GameBoy 5’s screen, you just need a second converter.”MayflashThis adapter named “enables GameBoy to recognize a video that becomes AV signals. The price of the product available on the Internet is even tax free. Over 1,200 TL.


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Provision of the necessary apparatus did not help the YouTuber achieve its purpose. So much so that this YouTuber goes into the settings in the PlayStation 5’s interface, “HDCP“He had to turn off the option. YouTuber, who also did this, was able to play the PlayStation 5’s screen through the GameBoy. But the buttons on the GameBoy were not available. So YouTuber was on the PlayStation 5. with keys He still had to use DualSense even though it was reflected in a product. However, despite all this, the idea is pretty crazy and just as successful …

Here are the moments when the PlayStation 5’s screen is projected on GameBoy