PlayStation 5’s First Major Update Coming Tomorrow


Sony will release the PlayStation 5’s first major system software update tomorrow. With the update, it will be possible to store PlayStation 5 games on external USB drives. In addition, PS4 owners will be able to share their game screens with PS5 owners and PS5 owners with PS4 owners.

Sony, the next generation game console PlayStation 5 for his first major update It will release on April 14 (tomorrow). According to the article published by Sony on the PlayStation Blog, the new update will include some innovations and improvements regarding game storage and PlayStation 5’s social features.

The update in question is for PlayStation 5 first major system software update Saying that it will be, Sony states that the update will be released to PS5 owners all over the world at the same time. With the update PS5In addition to, PS4 and PlayStation application will also be renewed.

It will be possible to store PlayStation 5 games on external USB storage

ps5 usb storage

With the first major update of PlayStation 5, it will be available to players, perhaps the biggest innovation will be in storage expansion and management. PlayStation 5 games after the update Storing to compatible external USB drives it’s going to be possible. So what exactly will this feature bring to players?

Of course, you will not be able to play games that you downloaded to the USB drive directly from this drive. However, according to Sony’s statements, you can download a game from an external USB drive. copying to its internal SSDfaster than downloading directly to SSD. So copying a game you want to play later to an external USB drive from now on and restoring it to the PS5’s internal SSD when you want to play it will save you time.

PS5 players will be able to share their game screens with PS4 players and PS4 players with PS5 players.

share game screen

With the update, PlayStation’s “Shared Play”Feature gains intergenerational usability. Now, PS5 and PS4 players will be able to “party” together and share their games. With the feature, PS5 players will be able to allow their PS4 owner friends to view the game screens and even have the opportunity to experience the games with Share Play. Of course the mentioned features It goes from PS4 to PS5 too it will be.

New control and customization options are coming


PlayStation 5’s new system software update, including the Game Base menu disable in-game chat, adjust players’ volume, pre-download the game update, customize game library, screen zoom and new trophy and statistics display It brings a few more user experience-oriented changes such as. To all the details about the new update of PS5 here you can reach by clicking.

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