PlayStation Store Discounts to Delight Visitors

Sony occasionally makes discounts in the PlayStation Store that are quite remarkable and delight the players. We have compiled some of these discounts for you.

PlayStation 4 We will say goodbye in the coming months and Sony will now switch to PlayStation 5. Recently, there is a very large game library that can be preferred by those who want to enjoy PlayStation 4.

PlayStation 5 in our country with the current exchange rates not expected to be a very fast transition. This means that existing consoles will work for a while. In this time something new to play You don’t need to spend huge sums of money to get it.

fifa 20

  • Game Type: Sports, Football
  • Normal Price: 429 TL
  • Discounted Price: 30.03 TL

The unrivaled soccer game of this year FIFA 20Although, has already taken place in the library of many game lovers, a new campaign appears at the end of the year. If you have not bought it so far, the game is played in all kinds. It is even bought as an alternative for your guests if you don’t play.

ratchet and clank

  • Game Type: Adventure
  • Normal Price: 84 TL
  • Discounted Price: 42 TL

For those who are just starting the series or want to experience a feeling of nostalgia, right now Ratchet and Clank is also available for sale at a very reasonable price. PlayStation 5There will be a game from this series in. You can choose this construction to remember what happened before and to have a pleasant time.

detroit become human

  • Game Type: Roleplaying, adventure
  • Normal Price: 249 TL
  • Discounted Price: 57,99 TL

2038 in the year In detroit machines are now replacing human workforce. We will need to discover once again what it means to be free while trying to solve the crises that arise with change in this world.

spider man

  • Game Type: Superhero, action
  • Normal Price: 309 TL
  • Discounted Price: 154.50 TL

Probably the best Spider-Man In this version of the game we saw one of the versions The City That Never SleepsWe are embarking on a giant adventure that includes. If you want to spend long hours in this fun game, you can buy it for half the price right now.


  • Game Type: Action, open world
  • Normal Price: 569 TL
  • Discounted Price: 199.15 TL

Red Dead Redemption 2, which took a storm during its release, upset the players in our country with its high price tag. Although the discounted price of the game is not very low, it is quite preferable when compared to the original price.

watch dogs 2

  • Game Type: RPG, open world
  • Normal Price: 399 TL
  • Discounted Price: 79,80 TL

In a world where the most important talent is hacking, we fight as a notorious hacker who protects the rights of ordinary citizens. Watch Dogs 2 It was a very popular production. While the stock price has dropped this much, this will be an alternative that pays off for the game money.

death stranding

  • Game Type: Adventure
  • Normal Price: 429 TL
  • Discounted Price: 184,47 TL

In our country where everyone complains about shipping delivery man Challenging all kinds of difficult conditions is not something we can understand. Compiling and collecting a world plagued by the epidemic Death Stranding It depends on our shipping skills in his game.

DOOM + Wolfenstein II Bundle

  • Game Type: FPS
  • Normal Price: 239 TL
  • Discounted Price: 83.65 TL

Of its kind legend Our aim in these two productions is to shoot everything that moves even though it is not from us. FPS If you love to play, this package you should definitely get is a real price performance monster with its discounted price.

In addition to these games, there are remarkable discounts on other games in the PlayStation Store. Discounts this and this You can see it from the links. What other games do you think should be on this list?