Plug-in hybrid with a large battery: Mercedes GLE Coupé 350de in the test


The second generation of the Mercedes GLE Coupé is also an exotic sight on German roads. This is due, among other things, to the stately dimensions, thanks to which parking in front of the supermarket becomes a bit of a challenge, but also to the still strange cross between SUV and coupé. The plug-in hybrid versions with a comparatively large battery are even less common. Their energy content is not based on the – hardly worth mentioning – requirements for subsidies and E-labels, but rather offers real-world ranges. And if you like it even more unusual, you can choose the diesel hybrid GLE Coupé 350de.

The highlight, however, is not the interaction between the diesel engine and the electric motor. Instead, it is the energy content of the battery and the speed at which it can be charged. Because where many hybrids accept 3.7 kW at AC charging stations in the best case, Mercedes allows 60 kW at the top at DC devices with CCS plugs. Given a battery with a gross capacity of 31.2 kWh, this results in record-breaking charging times for a PHEV.

However, there is a small but: the standard equipment only allows a maximum charging power of 7.4 kW (alternating current, two-phase). For DC charging with up to 60 kW, a tick in the surcharge list is necessary, which drives the purchase price up by almost 600 euros. If you start doing mental arithmetic in view of the starting price: No, the environmental bonus is out of the question for the vehicle. Because the limit is a net list price of 65,000 euros – based on the drive variant in the basic configuration. At 66,500 euros net, however, the GLE Coupé 350de is just above that. So at least the taxpayer doesn’t subsidize the purchase of this heavyweight. The advantage of taxing the private use of company cars remains, of course, and in view of the list prices, which here will probably almost always be above EUR 85,000, this is a considerable gift.

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