Pocket Collections: Mozilla is introducing content collections for the federal election


Mozilla is using the upcoming general election as an opportunity to introduce Pocket Collections for German-speaking Pocket users as well. The main aim of the collections is to enable users to deepen their knowledge with interesting collections of topics. The collections are intended to provide background information and content, especially for the September election.

(Image: Blog post Mozilla)

Pocket is a read later service that has been part of Mozilla since 2017. With Pocket, users can collect web pages that they think are worth reading for later. Content can be saved in most browsers both via the Pocket app and via an extension; Pocket is integrated in Firefox by default.

The pocket collections are compilations of five to ten stories selected by experts. In addition to selected collections for the Bundestag election, topics that serve entertainment are also to be dealt with.

Since last year’s introduction of the collections in the USA, over 150 issues have been published, which, according to Mozilla, were well received by English-speaking users. With the introduction of the new compositions, Mozilla would like to open up a second market in Germany.


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