Pokémon Coming Home with Pokémon Go Fest 2020


The company behind Pokemon Go, which took everyone to the streets in 2016 when it was released, continues to make coronavirus updates to the game and events. Pokemon Go Fest, the fan meeting of the game, will be held in virtual environment this year. In addition, there will be no ticket limitation in the event.

Pokemon Go is an annual fan meeting event for players Pokemon Go FestHas become definite this year. Game developers Niantic and The Pokemon Company announced on Wednesday that this year’s event will be fully online announced that the game would be played from home. The important event of the mobile game will take place in the coming days.

It will take place on 25/26 July Pokemon Go Fest 2020; It is defined as ‘a global event that has been redesigned in a completely new virtual environment’. Pokemon Go Fest is primarily Chicagoarranged in, then Niantic firm festival in Yokohama / Japan in 2019 and also to Dortmund / Germany. More than 600,000 players participated in three Pokemon Go Fest events that took place at different points last year.

There will be no ticket limitation:

Pokemon Go Fest

This year’s version of the event will be a two-day experience and players will be able to truly participate in both days. Pokemon Go Fest Unlike previous years when tickets were limited for Niantic, “We are taking steps to offer tickets to as many users as possible.” said. Pricing and event details were not disclosed. Niantic; He stated that there will be exciting ways to connect with other users, as well as bonuses, Pokemon matches and exclusive research, and experience other fun surprises all summer long. More information about the Pokemon Go Fest 2020 is expected in the coming weeks.


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Pokemon Go, a game that you would normally have to go out and play coronaviruses There was a new update because we couldn’t go out due to With this update Remote Raid Pass with Raid WarsHome participation was possible. With the next update Pokemon two important characters of the world Jessie and James he was included in the game. In addition to these, which has not been seen before in the game the Obstagoo, Perrserk is and Sirfetch’d Pokemon‘s were also added to the game.