Pokémon Go: Fan Fest in Dortmund flushed 38 million euros in the coffers

The Pokémon-Go festival in Dortmund has, according to Statista figures, flushed 49 million euros into the coffers of the Rhine-Ruhr metropolitan region. According to the city of Dortmund alone, the "Safari Zone" fan meeting organized by developer Niantic has generated 38 million euros, for example with income for accommodation and meals.

The surrounding districts have also benefited from their proximity to the event, Statista writes. For example, many visitors switched to other major cities in the region due to limited hotel capacity.

Overall according to the Statista study At the time of the fan event in the summer of last year, almost 300,000 people in Dortmund and the surrounding area played the Pokémon Go mobile game, 86,000 of whom took part in the actual event in Dortmund's Westfalenpark. There, the participants were given research tasks according to which they could include the rare Pokémon Jirachi in their collection. There were also rare color variations to catch in the Westfalenpark. A regular ticket costs 25 euros, an average visitor is said to have spent 294 euros around the event.

Almost half of the visitors traveled to Dortmund from abroad, reports Statista – from 90 different countries. Most of them came from Great Britain, Belgium and France, and there were also many visitors from Japan and the USA.

Because 40 percent of the visitors indicated that they are expected to return to Dortmund in the next twelve months, Statista also expects long-term effects for the Ruhr metropolis as a tourism location. The Pokémon Go festival was particularly popular with people in the age group between 22 and 25 years (51 percent), but the 36- to 45-year-olds were also numerous with 21 percent.


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