Police warn of private searches on social networks


Hesse’s police warn of private search calls on the Internet and at the same time ask for information about such calls. In the past few weeks there have been more private searches in chat groups and social networks, officials in Darmstadt said on Tuesday. Often the calls on the Internet are widely used, which strongly interferes with the personal rights of the persons depicted.

This type of search is used to distribute images showing people who allegedly have committed crimes. The authority warns that it is a criminal offense to spread private search calls and allegations with which people can be publicly pilloried. Only the police and the public prosecutor’s office are responsible for public searches, and a judicial decision is necessary for this.

The police call for suspicious observations to be reported to the police and to be available as a witness. Private searches in social networks should also be reported to the authorities, as these could endanger the success of the police’s investigation.


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