Porsche’s Batteries Will Come From Germany-based Company


Porsche has made a new breakthrough by aiming to offer the same performance and range in its electric vehicles at less cost. The automaker agreed with another Germany-based company, Customcells, on battery production. In this way, Porsche aims to cut its commitment to Asia.

We are mostly known for the high performance vehicles and luxury goods it produces. Germany based automobile manufacturer Porsche, Taycan He showed everyone that electric vehicles do not have to fall behind in performance with his new models and showed us that he is working on different electric models for different usage scenarios with his new models.

Now these electric models batteries With a breakthrough that seems to be beneficial for both the manufacturer and the consumer, it showed us once again that it focuses on electric models. In this context, the company aims to meet the battery needs of cars. Germany-based Customcells agreed with.

Batteries will take less time to charge as they become more efficient

Porsche Taycan

In this partnership with Customcells, Porsche 80 percent will have a share. Batteries produced within the scope of this partnership do not reduce performance and same range the amount of raw materials available and required because it will fall the prices of the vehicles in terms of consumers In a positive way will affect.

When it comes to production 100 kilowatts moment capacity is expected. Within 1 year of this 1000 vehicles It is stated that it means producing enough batteries.


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We cannot say that this is surprising news. Because he served as general manager at Porsche. Oliver Blume, in the past months Tübingen He said that he had plans on battery production with a German-based company. Customcells is located in Tübingen, Germany.

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