Porsche’s electric car Taycan gets an update for the battery and charging system

The Porsche Taycan has been on the market for almost two years. Now the area around the battery and drive is being improved a little. There are no dramatic changes. However, the sports car should be able to drive a little further in everyday life and charge faster.

The charging power and energy content of the batteries remain unchanged. Depending on the version, the storage system still has a net capacity of 71 to 83.7 kWh. The maximum charging power is still 270 kW, which means that Porsche currently has little competition, at least for the top value. However, the window in which the maximum charging power is actually available has been improved. Up to now, Porsche has made strict specifications here: the battery had to be between 30 and 35 degrees, the initial state of charge was 5 percent and the charging station had to have a voltage of more than 850 volts. There is no change in the time of 22.5 minutes for charging from 5 to 80 percent.

However, advances in air conditioning for the battery mean that the maximum charging capacity is no longer only achieved under absolutely ideal conditions. With the battery preheater, seriously called “Turbo Charging Planner”, the battery can be brought to a slightly higher temperature than before. This increases the initial charging power a little under less than ideal conditions. In addition, Porsche is now increasingly using the waste heat from the electrical components.

The press release remains vague on the topic of reach. Porsche argues that there is no updated WLTP value for this because the new year has not been specially homologated. No wonder, because that would have been extremely expensive. In everyday operation the radius of action increases, so it simply says in the press release. When asked directly, it only became a little more specific: In certain scenarios, under ideal conditions, up to 25 km more should be possible.

Porsche wants to have achieved this through more skillful and faster control of the electric motors. In the partial load operation in the driving modes “Normal” and “Range”, the front engine does not mix anyway, while sailing, i.e. coasting with no drive, the rear motor is also switched off. Improved software algorithms are intended to ensure that the drives can be connected or disconnected within 100 ms if necessary.

Externally, the Porsche Taycan remained untouched, as you can see from …

Announced for some time, but from the end of 2021 it will actually be available is the option of parking the Taycan on its own from the outside with the help of an app. Porsche has already retrofitted Android Auto – initially only Apple CarPlay could be integrated.

As part of the minor facelift, the range of paintwork was also expanded, “including many cult colors,” as Porsche notes. “Star ruby” is one of them, because this tone was already offered on the 911 of the 964 series at the end of the 1980s. Was a revival of this color really necessary? Customers will decide.


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