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This is how e-mail marketers can shine: Earlier case studies have already shown the increase in key performance indicators such as opening and click rates through the use of trustedDialog. The new study “Research Insights – Image Booster trustedDialog” by United Internet Media has now been able to demonstrate the positive effect on the brand image of two companies, namely the insurance group Barmenia and the textile trading company Witt Weiden.

The researchers of United Internet Media (UIM) presented messages from the brands Barmenia and Witt Weiden to users of and GMX in their inboxes for the study. Three groups received emails with and without the trustedDialog seal and with a combination of the trustedDialog seal and brand logo. The image values ​​of the two brands were then recorded. The results showed that trustedDialog was able to strengthen the brand image of Barmenia and Witt Weiden in several important dimensions: The parameters reliability, security and trustworthiness recorded a clear plus.

trustedDialog in combination with the brand logo leads to uplift

The combination of the brand logo and the trustedDialog seal led to a significant increase in the image parameter “trustworthiness”. Barmenia showed an increase of 77 percent, and Witt Weiden even 99 percent. In the “Safety” category, the combination was also able to bring about a significant increase compared to the control group, namely an increase of 81 percent for Barmenia and 128 percent for Witt Weiden. A similar picture emerged in the “Reliability” point: The combination of the trustedDialog seal and brand logo resulted in an uplift of 107 percent at Barmenia and 57 percent at Witt Weiden.

The index values ​​for the brand image of Barmenia. (Graphic: United Internet Media)

E-mail is the central platform of digital life. “Activities and information from the areas of e-commerce, social media, but also contracts and offers come together in the electronic mailbox. It is all the more important to convey the security and relevance of the notifications – ideally already in the inbox. TrustedDialog is the right tool for this, as it enables advertisers from a wide variety of industries to communicate securely and trustingly with their customers digitally, ”explains Rasmus Giese, CEO of United Internet Media.

Greater trust from incoming emails

The customers are also convinced of the results. “For us as an insurance company, trustworthy e-mail communication is of central importance,” says Martin Ingignoli, Digital Touchpoint Manager at Barmenia. The results of the study clearly illustrate the positive influence of trustedDialog on the brand image of both customers. Anja Ehbauer, Marketing Manager at Witt Weiden, also says: “This is exactly what we wanted for Witt Weiden to have. trustedDialog thus represents a suitable solution with which we can generate positive image effects for our brand. ”

The index values ​​for the brand image of Witt Weiden. (Graphic: United Internet Media)

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