PowerVR AX: Img Tech doubles GPU performance


Imagination Technologies has introduced the PowerVR-A Series, which includes multiple AXT, AXM and AXT models on mobile graphics devices for systems-on-a-chips. In the smartphone segment, Img Tech hardly plays a role since Apple as Qualcomm on its own developments and manufacturers such as Samsung or Huawei on ARM's Mali graphics set. The A-Series is set to change that, laying the foundation for the B, C, and D successors. Financial support comes from Canyon Bridge, the Chinese owner of the British, which was acquired in 2017.

Job market

  1. arxes-tolina GmbH, Berlin
  2. SieMatic Möbelwerke GmbH & Co. KG, Löhne room Bielefeld

For the A series, Img Tech has retuned the Furian architecture, with the new technology focusing on gaming performance under sustained load with volcano support, better anistro-filtering, and revised LoD (Level of Detail) calculations. In addition, there is a higher speed in artificial intelligence, here advertises the company also with drastic increases, and eight hyperlanes for multiple tasks. The A-Series includes three model lines with various offshoots, several partners are already licensed to have designs and plan first SoCs for 2020.

  • AX 64-2048 with 2 Teraflops and 8 Teraops and 64 Gigapixels / s
  • Atex 48-1536 with 1.5 teraflops and 6 teraops and 48 gigapixels / s
  • Atex 32-1024 with 1 Teraflops and 4 Teraops and 32 Gigapixels / s
  • AXT 16-512 with 500 Gigaflops as well as 2 Teraops and 16 Gigapixels / s
  • AXM 8-256 with 250 Gigaflops as well as 1 Teraop and 16 Gigapixel / s
  • AX 2-16 with 16 Gigaflops and 2 Gigapixels / s, focus on fill rate
  • AX 1-16 with 16 gigaflops and 1 gigapixel / s, volcano support

According to the British, the A-Series should have a higher performance per square millimeter than Qualcomm's current Adreno 640 implementation, which in turn is better positioned at Perf / mm² than ARM's Mali-G76-MP12. For 2020, Img Tech plans to increase the B-Series by 30 percent, for 2021 the C-Series will be 60 percent and for 2021 the D-Series 90 percent. In addition, the manufacturer will soon integrate raytracing hardware into its mobile GPUs, dedicated accelerators already exist.

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