Preloaded Applications Offer Great Danger According to Experts

When you buy your smartphones, did it ever occur to you that the existing applications are actually the biggest security threat? The access of these applications to the system becomes a major problem if malicious people get it.

As we purchased our smart phones, we start using them by installing the necessary applications. The applications that come with the device either do not touch at all or the system does not allow us to touch them.

We're used to the fact that smartphone manufacturers install applications that cannot be deleted on their smartphones. Manufacturers who do this by negotiating for a fee may endanger all users who use that device.

According to information from a security conference that took place last week, the applications that come pre-loaded with the devices are more of a concern for our devices.

These applications, which already have access to the depth of the system due to the fact that they came with the device, make the users completely target board, because the pre-installed applications make the work of malicious people easier.

What are the attacks targeting?

Instead of attacking users one by one, only those malicious people who hack the company of one of these pre-installed applications gain access to millions of users' devices with a single capture. Chamois and Triada attacks are the biggest examples of this situation. These attacks are not intended to steal user data.

The Triada and Chamois attacks run millions of ads in the background of users' devices, download plug-ins, and send fraud messages to users.

What was done to prevent the attacks?

The number of devices affected by the Chamois attack declined from 7,400,000 to 700,000 thanks to Google's pre-installed application control processes introduced in March 2018. Unfortunately, we need to rely on smartphone manufacturers for pre-installed applications to undergo the necessary audits.

How can we protect ourselves?

Although we cannot protect ourselves from pre-installed applications, we can ensure our security by doing a little research for the applications we will download from the application store.


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Before downloading an app to our device, it will give us a much healthier device experience, looking at the app's score, how many people have downloaded it, the developer's recognition and comments.