Presentation of the VW ID.6: Large SUV on a familiar basis


VW ID.3 and ID.4 are on the market. Both are particularly important for the European market, they cover those vehicle segments that are in demand here. In China and the USA, people have different ideas about the right size of a car. That is why the probably largest offshoot of the ID.Modelle, the ID.6, will not only be presented at the Auto China trade fair, but will initially only be offered in the Middle Kingdom. North America should follow this year, Europe probably not until the next.

With a length of 4.88 meters, the ID.6 is about as long as a VW Touareg. For European standards these are already impressive dimensions, elsewhere the relationship to the size of the vehicle is more relaxed. Even the ID.4, with its length of around 4.6 meters, provides an extremely generous amount of space, the ID.6 is even more airy. Above all, it is also available with a third row of seats, which is particularly appreciated on the US market. The standard panoramic roof is also available with an opening function on request – a useful addition.

Visually, the ID.6 follows the smaller ID.3 and ID.4 models. However, the first pictures suggest …

“With the new ID.6 we are preparing the basis for at least 50 percent of our sales in China to be electric by 2030,” says Ralf Brandstätter, CEO of VW. Eight ID models are to be launched in China by 2023. The modular electrical construction kit serves as the technical basis, the technical data are already known. VW will not exhaust all possibilities in the ID.6. The basic configuration of the motor and battery is left out – at least in China.

Three power levels (132, 150, 225 kW) and two battery sizes are planned for the start there. The usable energy content of the batteries is 58 and 77 kWh. Depending on the equipment, the ranges are between 436 and 588 kilometers, measured in the Chinese consumption cycle China-NEDC. Conclusions for values ​​in the WLTP cannot yet be drawn from this.

The VW ID.6 will initially be the largest car based on the modular electrical construction kit.

In China, the maximum speed is limited to 160 km / h, which does not matter, because at best 120 km / h are allowed there. Even the basic model weighs around 2.3 tons, which can be seen in the standard Sprint, among other things. VW calls it 9.5 to 6.6 seconds.

For the time being, the VW ID.6 could remain the only ID model that is not followed by offshoots from other group brands. Because Audi is already represented in this class with the e-tron, it is uncertain whether Skoda and Seat – or Cupra – will be able to take up the internal competition quickly. For the time being, only one production site is planned for the ID.6: The SUV will be exported from China to the world. It doesn’t have to stay that way if demand develops differently than Volkswagen’s forecast. Then the ID.6 could be built both in the USA and in Europe. The latter is rather unlikely, because SUVs are currently in demand in this country that are no more than the size of the Audi Q5, BMW X3 and Mercedes GLC, all of which are only slightly longer than the ID.4.


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