President Makes Statement After Cabinet Meeting

After the Cabinet meeting, which was held again after a three-week break, President Erdoğan made a statement on the topics discussed at the meeting. The highlights of Erdogan’s statement are in our news.

After a three-week break, the meeting chaired by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan Presidential cabinet meeting it ended. The number of cases, which has recently reached the limit of 30 thousand, caused eyes to stare at the meeting. Many were wondering if the measures against the coronavirus could be brought back. However, there was no explanation for this.

President Erdoğan, who took the podium after the cabinet meeting, conveyed the issues discussed in the cabinet. The main topics of the meeting; Paris Climate Agreement, face-to-face education and student dormitories it happened. Here are the statements made by President Erdogan after the cabinet meeting:

President Erdoğan: “We have decided to ratify the Paris Climate Agreement next month”

turkey climate plan

President Erdoğan also touched upon the issue of climate change, which is closely related to the whole world, in his press statement after the cabinet meeting. Explaining that Turkey’s plans to come into effect on this issue are in the process of adoption, Erdoğan said, 2053’te 0 broadcast announced that the relevant institutions have started to prepare their action plans in order to achieve their goal. These plans, according to the statements, will have an important role in the fight against the climate crisis, including actions such as afforestation.

Statements by the President regarding face-to-face education and student dormitories:

student dormitory

“Over 11 million 436 thousand students continue their education and training activities. After a gap of about one and a half years, of course, there have been minor setbacks. But these have also been quickly fixed by our relevant institutions. In order to carry out face-to-face education in schools in a healthy way, we have to prepare for this period. We delivered an appropriation of 722 million to their place. In order to avoid any disruption in cleaning, we increased the current 71 thousand cleaning personnel to 113 thousand with 42 thousand additions. The fact that almost all of our students attend classes shows that our children miss school. While the vaccination rate of our teachers is increasing, we invite our parents and students who are in line to be vaccinated for the continuation of face-to-face education without interruption.

As of today, we have started education activities in accordance with the academic calendar announced by many of our universities. Hopefully, next week, we will hold a joint academic year opening ceremony at our kulliye house covering all of our universities. Of course, with the opening of universities, there was an intense demand for the accommodation needs of our students due to the experience of 2 years. First of all, I would like to bring the following fact to the attention of my nation: Turkey is the country with the largest number of public and higher education student dormitories and beds in the world. Recently, some parks and gardens here are lying on the bands, I say this clearly; Some of them have nothing to do with being a student. We increased the number of dormitories from 190 to 774 in our country, and the bed capacity of 182 thousand to 719 thousand.”


”Apocalypse Is At Our Door”: Turkey Will Be One of the Countries Worst Affected by the Climate Crisis

Following these statements, President Erdoğan also gave the news of the new dormitory buildings to be built and mentioned that the capacity of the student dormitories will be increased.