Preview: New PC Games in June 2021


In June, players can expect the first-person shooter “Sniper: Ghost Warrior Contracts 2” and the city-building simulation “The Universim”, in which players take on the role of God. With “Legend of Mana” Square Enix dares to release a “Mana” remake again.

Ghosts ‘n Goblins Resurrection will be released on June 1st, 2021.

Sniper: Ghost Warrior Contracts 2 sends players to the Middle East from June 4, 2021 to put an end to a crime syndicate. In the role of the sniper Raven, you have to complete various missions on huge maps on the border between Lebanon and Syria. As the title of the game already suggests, there are sniper scenarios and the associated arsenal of equipment and weapons Sniper: Ghost Warrior Contracts 2 in focus. The game is also the direct successor to Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts and was developed by the same studio.

Trailer zu Sniper: Ghost Warrior Contracts 2

(Source: CI Games)

The developers promise a particularly realistic game experience with goals that are sometimes more than 1000 meters away. How a mission objective is achieved is up to the player. If you have sufficient financial means, thanks to better weapons and armor, you can leave the path of the sniper for a change and take a more offensive approach. The main campaign takes place on five maps and comprises 21 main missions as well as numerous side quests, all of which can be repeated and completed in different ways.

Legend of Mana will be released on June 24, 2021 as an HD remaster version on Steam. The original was originally released for the Playstation in 1999 and was extremely popular at the time. The developer and publisher Square Enix dared a similar experiment in 2018 with Secret of Mana, the “Mana” game par excellence. The remake was not very well received by the gamers, although it was mainly bugs and glitches that had a noticeably negative impact on the fun of the game. With Legend of Mana, Square Enix promises to do everything better.

Legend of Mana trailer

(Quelle: Square Enix)

The first gameplay videos and trailers look promising, but whether the finished game can live up to this remains to be seen. Legend of Mana takes place in the world of Fa’Diel and sends the player on an adventurous journey in typical JRPG style. In Fa’Diel you meet all sorts of colorful characters in the course of the game who join their own group and help in the fight against nasty monsters and seemingly overpowering bosses. The remaster version makes it possible to use the soundscape of the original game and also offers a newly arranged soundtrack.

thanks the Universe From June 15, 2021, players can slip into the role of the almighty creator and create their own civilization. This is only where the work begins, because the so-called nuggets do not manage to survive the adversities of life without the divine help of the player. So it has to be built and researched in order to meet the new challenges of every era. As God, of course, moral and religious principles can also be created, according to which, for example, unfaithful or unbelieving nuggets can be punished with all kinds of divine abilities.

Trailer for The Universim

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If nuggets have access to the necessary resources and are guided, they also develop their own skills and unique traits over time. However, during this time they also develop new demands and always need new jobs. In the event that your own civilization is reproducing too quickly or is just annoying, diseases can also be created or superfluous creatures can simply be shot into space. the Universe is already available as an early access version.