Price Drop in Used Vehicles Continues


According to the data shared by, second-hand automobile prices decreased by 1 percent in February. Thus, the total price decrease in the last three months reached 3 percent.

Turkey’s most popular 2nd hand purchase / sales of the platform From ownerAnnounced the February 2021 data. According to shared data, there is an astronomical increase in 2020. used vehicle pricesAfter January, a decline was experienced in February, albeit at a level that would not compensate for price increases.

According to the information reported, second hand vehicle prices, which showed a price decrease, albeit 1 percent for the first time in December 2020 and January 2021, for the first time in a long time, decreased at the same rate in February. thus vehicle prices have fallen by 3 percent in total in the last three months. One of the most striking data in February was the increase in the number of advertisements for cars that could be considered “new”.

The first two car models with the most advertisements for the owner remain unchanged.

most advertised car model

In February, as in January, the most advertised vehicle category was automobiles. When we look at the most advertised brands and models Renault Clio Island Volkswagen Passatwhile it is seen that it maintains its top place; Opel Astra climbed one step to become the third most advertised car model. Renault Megane, who lost its place to Opel Astra, ranked 4th; Ford Focus also retained its 5th place.

The most advertised model year for the Owner was 2016

most advertised model years

While the most advertised automobile colors are white, black, gray, silver and red, respectively; The most advertised fuel type was diesel. In addition, last month, the year for the most advertised automobile became one year younger. in February most advertised model year 2016 followed by 2015, 2017, 2012 and 2013, respectively.

The most advertised automobile price ranges on

most advertised price range

Most viewed car brands on

most viewed brands