Prisons in Bavaria: Expansion of the drone defense system despite the lack of drones


Almost a year ago, several prisons in Bavaria put a drone defense system into operation. However, to date, these systems have not intercepted a single drone, explains the Bavarian Ministry of Justice. Only two drones have been sighted since their introduction in October 2020, but these were outside the range of the defense system. This is reported by the editorial network Germany (RND).

Nevertheless, according to the report, the use of such defense systems against drones in Bavaria is to be expanded. At the Amberg JVA, for example, the Ministry of Justice uses a drone detection system that can detect the aircraft before they take off. The costs for this should amount to around 600,000 euros. The operation serves as a preventive measure to prevent drugs from being dropped in prisons.

The pilot project started last autumn. Eight prisons began testing a system for shooting drones. With the net pistols called dropsters, prison staff can fetch the small, unwanted objects in flight from the sky.

Since 2015, there have been a total of 57 drone sightings above or in the immediate vicinity of prisons in Bavaria. In two of these cases, attempts were made to smuggle something into a prison (one cell phone, one drug). In both cases, however, this was unsuccessful.

The opposition SPD in Bavaria has basically nothing against the defense of drones in prisons. Her legal policy spokesman Horst Arnold said, according to RND, that this was not enough to tackle the drug problem in prisons. “The drug problem must be officially defused by means of appropriately medically supervised substitution measures,” said Arnold. This would weaken the illegal procurement pressure.


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