Privacy: Macbooks break through camera covers

In the accessories trade, they cost a few euros: covers, some with sliding mechanisms that cover Macbooks cameras. With this, cautious users want to prevent them from being secretly filmed.

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Apple will have one in early July 2020 Support page published, who warns Macbook owners against closing their notebook with the camera cover installed. Damage such as a broken screen cannot be ruled out because it is not factored in that there is a plastic part between the upper and lower parts.

In the forums of relevant websites such as Macrumors and Reddit there are entries from people who have ruined their notebooks with such covers. This is not warranty damage and the displays are among the most expensive parts that can be replaced on the notebook.

Apple recommends trusting the green LED next to the camera, which lights up whenever the camera is activated: “The camera is designed in such a way that it cannot be activated without the camera’s indicator lamp also lighting up”. In addition, in the MacOS settings check and regulate which applications have access to the camera and microphone.

If a cover is prescribed by the employer, it must always be removed before closing the notebook, according to Apple. If nothing else is possible than permanent coverage, Apple recommends using something that is no thicker than an average page of printer paper (0.1 mm).

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