Problems in Instagram Discover and Stories


Instagram, one of the most used social media platforms in the world, experiences various problems instantly. Unable to access Instagram’s Discover tab and view stories.

With the internet entering our pocket, social media has become an indispensable part of our daily life. InstagramPlatforms such as Twitter, Facebook are now used by everyone from young to old and are checked many times during the day.

But to millions of users instantly These platforms can sometimes experience various problems. Instagram, which has millions of users, is now faced with one of these problems.

Unable to access Instagram Discover section

Discover Instagram problem

The ‘Discover’ tab, one of the most used features of Instagram, and story views are currently unavailable. The Explore tab, where users spend a lot of time, is not accessible from the desktop site or mobile application.

down detector instagram issue

When we look down Detector from the US east and west sides, in Western Europe, in Turkey, in Malaysia and in some Asian countries shows that users encounter questions. Also again Down Detector Looking at the data, there are 4407 error messages as of 10.44 pm.

Instagram stories crash


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In addition, there is no explanation about this problem on the official Twitter and Facebook page of Instagram or on the official blog page. So currently we do not have any official data on what is the source of this problem.