Prof. Dr. Özdemir Announces the Issue of Blood Moon and Super Moon


TÜBİTAK National Observatory Director Prof. Dr. Sacit Özdemir made statements about the Super Flower Blood Moon, which took place yesterday and attracted great attention in our country. Explaining how this natural phenomenon happened, the scientist stated that the expressions of Blood Moon and Super Moon were also misunderstood.

Moon is closest to Earth Super Flower Blood Moon eclipseWas realized in a way that can be seen from many points in Turkey. In fact, these moments, when this natural phenomenon came together with historical buildings and iconic landscapes of Turkey, witnessed magnificent scenes.

TÜBİTAK National Observatory Director Prof. Dr. Sacit Özdemir, regarding this eclipse, “The moon passed through the shadow cone of the Earth. This made its color red or darkened.” The phrases ‘Blood Moon’ and ‘Super Moon’ Unfortunately it is misunderstood “ used the phrases.

TÜBİTAK National Observatory broadcast live:

Super Flower Blood Moon eclipse

Super Flower Blood Moon eclipse, which lasted 1.5 hours, TUBITAK National Observatory It was also broadcast live by. Özdemir, who made statements about this celestial event, stated that this event was actually an ordinary case. Ozdemir, “This is actually a natural phenomenon. It is misunderstood because the public does not know the details. It was a perfectly normal situation. When the moon is in its full moon phase, on its orbit The closest to the world was in position. Therefore, its angular diameter was larger than the previous full moons. It became larger by approximately 4 angle minutes. People can’t tell the difference if they don’t watch carefully.” said.


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Noting that the situation called Blood Moon is not followed in our country, Prof. Dr. Ozdemir, “Yesterday total lunar eclipse took place. It could be observed in the great ocean and parts of Australia. We could not see it in Turkey. The moon passed through the shadow cone of the Earth. This caused its color to be red or darkened. Unfortunately, the phrases ‘Blood Moon’ and ‘Super Moon’ are misunderstood“used expressions.

No need to worry

Super Flower Blood Moon eclipse


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Prof. Dr. Özdemir, regarding this natural phenomenon there is nothing to worry about or exaggerate He added. Stating that the Moon is 350 thousand kilometers away from the Earth in the natural event on the agenda, the scientist stated that the farthest state of the Moon from our planet is 406 thousand kilometers.

Prof. Dr. Özdemir said, “The moon is not in the focus of professional astronomy studies by scientists anyway. It is not an interesting celestial bodyHe ended his words saying.

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