Professional Actor Killed by Another Player


A professional Call of Duty: Mobile player in Brazil fell victim to the attack of another player. The person who killed the 19-year-old young woman was one of the well-known actors in the country. There are some important findings in the incident where the motive of the murder was investigated.

Mobile gamers in Brazil were shocked by a murder. 19-year-old actress who has just entered the mobile gaming industry as a professional, but quickly became a star Oliveira Bueno da Silvawas stabbed to death by another player. Another mobile player who killed the young girl Guilherme Alves Costa turned out to be. Although the cause of the murder is not yet understood, the investigation process revealed some blood-chilling details.

According to the information obtained, the unfortunate woman, to a planned murder the victim is gone. Detecting that the two met about a month ago, law enforcement officers also found a notebook during their examinations at the home of Guilherme Alves Costa. Inside the notebook were plans for how to kill Silva. However, the details written in this book for privacy not disclosed.

Murder suspect shared images of the attack with others on WhatsApp

Oliveira Bueno da Silva

The police, who examined the phone of the murder suspect actor, found images of the attack on the phone. On this, who made a more detailed examination law enforcementThey found that footage of the attack was sent to various individuals, including the e-sports organization Gamer’s Elite. In addition, among the messages sent, there is also PDF file and this file contains hate speech against Christians. The police reached the people and institutions to whom the PDF file was sent with the image in question and said that these contents should not be leaked.


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ESPN Brazil managed to get a report prepared by the police. Sharing some of the data in this report with the public, the authorities said that Costa’s murder surrender to the policeThey announced that he said he was in good mental health during the detention period. The incident was brought to the agenda by Call of Duty Mobile players and fans in Brazil. The murder suspect Costa damning and tens of thousands of posts that said the 19-year-old girl will never be forgotten.

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