Promotional Images From Redmi K40 Game Enhanced


New promotional images have been released from the new and first player phone K40 Game Enhanced Edition, which Redmi is preparing to introduce in the coming days. Along with the design details of the phone, the colorful and crescent-shaped flash also drew attention in the images.

Redmi, the first player phone with a launch to be held on April 27 K40 Game Enhanced Editionis preparing to introduce. The player phone, which has been very intriguing with its shared features and emerging details, seems to make a name for itself with its design details as well as its technical features.

In the days before the launch of the phone, Redmi wants to increase the excitement by phone on Weibo, China’s popular social media platform. shared new promotional visuals and a video. The images contain details of features such as fast charging that the phone will have, flash that aims to provide an enjoyable experience with its colorful lights.

5065 mAh battery, 67W fast charging and more:

Redmi K40 Game Enhanced Edition

One of the important features expected from a gamer’s phone is that it offers a long usage time with a powerful battery. K40 Game Enhanced Edition, With 5065 mAh battery aims to achieve this. The phone is also preparing to come out with 67W fast charging support. With a 6.67 inch screen The phone, which is expected to arrive, is powered by the MediaTek Dimensity 1200 processor.

When we take a look at the design details, the phone on the side and with keys that physically open and close We see that. The phone, which has a glass body on the front and back, also uses fifth generation Gorilla Glass. The sides of the phone have a metal frame.

Color and crescent flash:

Redmi K40 Game Enhanced Edition


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Another striking feature of the Redmi K40 Game Enhanced is the phone’s flash. This flash, which comes as an innovation that has never been encountered before, changes color and draws attention with its crescent-shaped design. We can say that the flash, which has many color options such as purple, red, blue, green and yellow, will create a pleasant atmosphere in terms of gaming experience. Also, looking at the information Redmi gives on Weibo, we will be able to custom tailor these colored lights to identify different notifications. If you want to take a look at the video that Redmi posted on Weibo that shows the performance of the flash here you can click.

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