ProtonVPN publishes client applications as free and audited software


From now on, all apps of the ProtonVPN service are under the open source license GPLv3. The software appears for Android, iOS, macOS and Windows, the source texts of the individual programs including installation instructions can be found on GitHub. Alternatively, the apps are available in Google's Play Store or Apple's App Store.

In addition, the developer had an audit performed for each app, the results of which are available on, The tests were carried out by Sec Consult, a consulting company in the field of cyber and application security. ProtonVPN plans to have the audits carried out regularly in the future. So far, ProtonVPN has primarily worked with Mozilla.

ProtonVPN expects both steps to improve the security of the software. In addition, the community should value the transparency, which should be the core of the Internet. In addition to the apps, the Swiss developer also operates the VPN service itself, which is primarily intended to impress with data security and protection.

The service was born in June 2017. Depending on the range of functions, ProtonVPN costs up to 24 euros a month, a free version also exists. The same developer comes from ProtonMail, an e-mail service that is also supposed to impress with its security functions. However, there were already successful attacks on ProtonVPN and ProtonMail.


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