Proven to Have Water on Mars

According to a newly published study, photographs taken as part of NASA’s Mars Exploration Program give many clues to the presence of water on Mars. The images confirmed what scientists suspected about the Jezero Crater.

As part of NASA’s Mars Exploration Program Perseverance recorded during his mission, newly discovered Lake Krateri’ne High resolution photos have been published.

Scientists analyzed images taken on Mars. The images show how water played a role in shaping the structure of Mars billions of years ago, and evidence of ancient life. many gives a clue.

Perseverance will illuminate the history of Mars



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Perseverance mission to find out if life exists on Mars it will take decades and development will cost billions of dollars. Equipped with 19 cameras, a two-metre (seven-feet) robotic arm, two microphones, and an array of cutting-edge instruments, this Perseverance rover About the structure of Mars It will delete many question marks.

High-resolution photos of Jezero Crater, discovered in February, once thought to feed a lake, have been analyzed by scientists. According to the study published in the journal Science, the layers inside the rocks in the photos give many clues about how the formation took place. According to the research, the topmost and most recent layers are probably a heavy flood It contains rocks with a diameter of about one meter scattered there.

Proven that there is water on Mars


NASA astrobiologist Amy Williams and her team have found similarities between the features of the cliffs seen at the crater floor and the structure of river deltas on Earth. The study revealed that the bottom three layers showed a presence and continuous flow of water in ancient times. This analysis is about 3.7 billion years ago on Mars “hot and humid enough to support a hydrological cycle” shows that.


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Williams said in a press release that they had previously predicted that water should form the delta from the orbital images, and that a clearer conclusion was reached with the photographs. Also, learning that Mars may once have harbored life is one of the most important things humanity has ever done. “deep” He said it would be one of his discoveries.

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