PS Plus Games To Be Free In September

The games that PS Plus members can have for free in September were revealed before the official announcement. The list includes upcoming free games for both PS5 and PS4.

Sony, For PS Plus subscribers continues to offer free games every month. Although most of the time these games do not satisfy the players, the free games distributed all year make a profit for the players in one way or another.

Free games offered every month are announced by Sony on the first day of the month and then offered to players on specified dates. However, as you can imagine, at this point, we learn about the upcoming games with frequent leaks. In fact, there was a funny situation last month and Sony will be free in August. PS Plus games ‘accidentally’ had shared.

The September games were also leaked:

A French forum that has come up with similar PS Plus leaks in the past. on the site now too Games that will be free in September shared. Of course, it is not possible to be sure without Sony’s official announcement, but according to the first information, Sony will release two free games for PS4 and one free game for PS5 this month.

The game, which will be offered free to PS5 users in September with PS Plus, is a platform game. Overcooked: All You Can Eat. On PS4, we have seen that it was given for free on different platforms many times before, for example, at Epic Games. Hitman 2 and a multiplayer FPS Predator: Hunting Grounds’a can have it for free.


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The games will be free for PS Plus subscribers from September 7 to October 5. This information is not yet verified, to verify the information on September 1 We will have to wait for the official announcement from Sony.

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