PS5 and Xbox Series X May Cost More Than You Think


New generation game consoles are now less than a year away from the release of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. The technologies that are said to have the devices may cause us to encounter a very fluffy bill.

The next generation video game consoles how long it will be a matter of curiosity. One of the two most curious things about these consoles is its price, and one of the consoles' features. As features get higher price also rising and the features announced so far are enthusiastic about the price.

Normally, the price of new consoles $ 500 (approximately 3.000 TL without tax) was expected to remain below, but soon $ 500 Rumors had spread that it might be the exit price. This was a high price that gamers around the world did not like. In reality costs it may even be higher.

Better gaming experience requires more money:

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According to the latest news, when you want to buy the best game consoles, the price you need to pay depends on the model. $ 500 It can be overcome. This is already a high fee, but that's not the only problem. Another your electronic devices you may also need to update it.

Microsoft in a statement made in the past months Series X He explained that his devices would support the 120 Hz 4K gaming experience. Also on the device 8K support would also be found. Although these features are great on paper, you can see 8K content. 8K television You need it.

Moreover, in order to use the 4K / 60 fps and 4K / 120 fps features of the Xbox Series X HDMI 2.1 connection support it must be a television, monitor or projector. Sony, Microsoft is not as open to informing about its new console, but that device It will support 4K / 120 Hz which means a display device supporting HDMI 2.1 is required.

HDMI 2.1 will swipe the bill:

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HDMI 2.1, A significant improvement and dynamic HDR, improved audio return channels (eARC) compared to the previous version, ALLM, VRR ALLM will support automatic low latency and variable refresh rates.

HDMI 2.1 is also rapid transition between media (QMS) and fast frame transfer (QFT) supports. Among these features, QMT reduces the display time of the image coming out of the processor, while QMS eliminates the black squares that occur when switching between different refresh rates.


Claim Concerning Gamers About the Price of PlayStation 5

These features and HDMI 2.1 The way to give the right is through a new television. Of course, you can use HDMI 2.0 but in this case your television 2019 or 2020 models it must be that you can see the difference of the new system. On the other hand, until the devices are released, you can follow the discounts and get opportunities to buy a suitable television.

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