PS5 Custom-Made Abandoned Released for PC


There has been a change of mind about the release of the survival game Abandoned, which was introduced specifically for PS5 months ago. According to a response shared by the producer company Blue Box Game Studios on Twitter, the game will also be released on PC.

game maker Blue Box Game Studio, earlier this year Abandoned announced its new production. open world survival a game of Abandoned It was said that it will be a PlayStation 5 exclusive game. However, according to a new report, the game will not be limited to this.

According to the producer company’s Twitter statement, the game It will also be released for PC. According to Blue Box’s response to a Twitter user who doesn’t own a PS5, “The PC community will cheer.”

The new Silent Hill game was thought to be

When the game was first announced by Blue Box Game Studio, some expressions used in the announcement caused misunderstanding. Players, Abandoned Thought he’d be included in the Silent Hill series and their excitement was fueled even more. In summary, this claim “Sorry if we caused any misunderstanding, we have no affiliation with Konami” His words were recently refuted by the company. Thus, it is certain that the game is a new production that is not connected to a series.

Abandoned may also come to PC

abandoned pc


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A recent statement on Twitter revealed that the game will not be a PS5 exclusive game as first announced. A Twitter user shared a tweet about Abandoned. “I don’t have a PS5 anyway” she replied. Blue Box responding to the user, “PC community will cheer” used the phrases.

This answer is just the game will also come to cloud gaming systems may also imply. However, in our opinion, If it wasn’t for PC, such a tweet wouldn’t have been made. Because it is not uncommon for PlayStation games to come to cloud gaming systems. We will wait to find out when the PC version of Abandoned, which is expected to be released at the end of the year, which has already gained considerable fame with the trailer released in April and the allegations about it after.

Abandoned I Trailer