PUBG: New State announced in 2051 [Video]

“PUBG: New State”, which will appear as the new version of PUBG Mobile, has been officially announced. The developer team, who made statements about the game, announced that PUBG: New State will have unique graphics. The promotional video published reveals what the game has to offer.

In a news we shared with you recently, one of the most popular survival games in the world. PUBGA new game for both console and PC and a new version of the mobile version will be released. we mentioned. There is no official development for the PC and console at the moment, but Krafton Inc., by publishing the trailer of the new version to be offered to mobile players, also made some explanations about the game.

New mobile game, according to the statements made by the developers, “PUBG: New StateIn addition, this game will take place in 2051, as previously claimed, which means that the game will include new generation weapons, brand new vehicles and new technologies such as drones. in the trailer also clearly shown.

Here is the promotional poster for PUBG: New State

PUBG: New State promotional poster

According to the statements made about the game, PUGB: New State, with a brand new map the future. In addition, this game will offer a unique experience with its gameplay mechanics and graphics. The company says that PUBG: New State’s graphics are will push your limitsstates that if they play the game, they will experience the newest ways to survive.


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By the way; PUBG: New State’s basic logic will still be the same. 100 different players will land on a map and try to be the last survivor. With the new game, only new weapons and equipment, new vehicles and a new look will be available. Time will tell how popular the game will be.

PUBG: New State started listing on Google Play Store

PUBG: New State Google Play Store

New version of PUBG Mobile on both iOS and Google Play Store Available for download via. However, for now, only Android users can pre-register this game. The developers, who also made a statement for iOS users, After a short time It is stated that it will be added to the App Store and users in the iOS ecosystem will be able to pre-register.

As you can see in the image above, the pre-registration process offers some privileges for mobile gamers. These privileges are currently only one it was automobile coating looks like. However, the company may make announcements about new advantages in the future.

If you too for PUBG: New State pre-registration If you want to have it done, here You can reach the page of the game in the Google Play Store with the link Of the game website If you want to examine here You can use the link.

Here is the promotional video for PUBG: New State

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