Purchase advice: 5 vintage LEDs for the smart home under 30 euros


Philips, TP-Link and Hama have recently introduced smart Edison and vintage LEDs, respectively. We show the different "bulbs" for Alexa & Co.

The oldest light bulb in the world has been burning since 1901 – throughout. It is located near California's San Francisco in a fire station. About one Live Stream you can even watch her glow.

What is today again vintage on the market, was formerly standard: so-called filament or filament bulbs. They have, you can imagine, mainly provided for light. But with the advent of LEDs, the use of lighting has changed a bit. Indirect lighting was suddenly possible and useful and has the direct light something in the shade. With the trend towards the Edison LED, direct light is also finding its way back into life.

But where is the difference to the light bulb or LED? Here is a short overview:

  • Coal Filament Bulbs: Early carbon filament bulbs have been around since the first half of the 19th century. These generated light through a carbon thread (fiber or filament) in an oxygen-poor glass ball. When the bulb was connected to power, the thread was heated so much that it generated light.
  • Light Bulb: Classic bulbs from the 20th century are very similar to their predecessors. Only the filament was improved. Since the beginning of the century, more and more metal threads have been used, which should be more durable.
  • LED: The term LED stands for "light emitting diode". A diode is an electrical device with two electrodes, which allows the current to pass unimpeded in one direction and to isolate it in the other. Due to the constant movements of the electrons in the semiconductor material, light is generated.

The Vintage LED has two common construction methods: version 1, in the picture on the right, uses an LED that sends its light through a plastic wire, thus imitating the wire. Version 2, in the picture on the left, relies on many small LEDs mounted along a wire. This allows a slightly brighter and, above all, warmer light.

Now they are back, the "Kohlefadenbirnen". But not with carbon thread, but as an LED. They offer a nearly identical light experience as the historical role models. And so they have made their way into trendy scene bars, hotel lounges or private homes. With a lot of accessories and matching lampshades you can create a very special lighting experience.

Eglo Townshend black (32917)

Wall light, black

Eglo Townshend black (32919)

Floor lamp, white

(No product image available)

Ceiling light, Industrial

(No product image available)

Ceiling light, retro

For a few months, the Vintage LEDs have reached another stage of evolution. You can now be "smart". Means: models of various manufacturers communicate with language assistants or can be controlled via app. Thus, the vague thesis: In terms of world of lights, the offer for the smart home is finally completely covered.