Purchase advice tablet: What can a good tablet cost?


They still exist: tablets. Anyone interested in a device from Apple, Samsung and Co can spend from 60 to well over 1000 euros. In the guide we give tips on buying a tablet.

A tablet can be quite practical, even if, in contrast to the smartphone, it is an optional additional rather than a “necessary” main device. If you want to buy a tablet, you should ask yourself beforehand what your requirements are. Because even if the entry can be cheap, higher quality models can easily cost several hundred to well over 1500 euros. We have therefore summarized a few tips to make it easier for those willing to buy the right tablet.

This article was updated on October 8th, 2020.

The more expensive, the better – this is true for most technical devices such as smartphones (for example the 10 best camera smartphones), and accordingly also for tablets. But expensive is not always necessary. If you occasionally want to watch emails or YouTube videos on your tablet, you don’t have to buy a high-end device for 800 euros. For regular painting and drawing with the stylus, however, cheap 200 euro solutions are not worthwhile.

We currently see 2 GB of RAM, 32 GB of internal, expandable memory and at least one mid-range quad-core processor as the technical lower limit for normal tablets. The display should offer a resolution that allows at least 200 pixels per inch. This corresponds to full HD at 10 inches. Although this is significantly less than the recommended image sharpness for smartphones, a tablet is held a little further away from the eyes because of its size – more is of course always better. You shouldn’t expect too much from tablet cameras, only high-end devices offer decent quality here. On all other tablets, the front cameras are usually sufficient at least for video chats.