What is VPN? [Best VPN Recommendation for 2020]

VPN is the abbreviation of the term Virtual Private Network and is the service that allows you to connect to the internet through another IP address in its most basic sense. VPN secures your connection and encrypts your connection when connecting to any network, and ensures that your identity cannot be found. You can also connect to banned sites, restricted sites or IPs in your country through VPN again. It can also be used as a security system that does not allow third parties to see what you are doing, as the VPN system encrypts all the data you send and receive.

However, there is a problem that applications-companies that provide VPN services generally give you a trial period first, and then they charge you additional fees to continue this as an uninterrupted, unlimited, fast service. It is also possible that you may experience a PING problem, since the server you are connecting to will probably be from different countries. If you find a VPN that provides free and fast internet, it may seem like a more logical use than the internet you actually use.


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What is VPN Used For?
1.) Access to Restricted and Prohibited Sites

As you know, we have seen that even high traffic legal sites such as Youtube and Twitter were banned in the past. Especially in these situations, people need VPN programs and services. Since VPN sends your address like in another country and encrypts the data, it allows you to connect without any restrictions or restrictions.

2.) Downloading files (Torrent etc.)

As you know, most Torrent sites are banned in so many countries. The reason for this is illegal file downloads. Although it slows down your speed while downloading files, using a VPN will be healthier for your security.

3.) Reaching the job or school network

Most remote jobs require connections to the addresses the company gives you for security reasons. Likewise, it is important to connect with VPN within the management of the school network.

4.) All Kinds of Privacy and Security

Security is an important factor in your internet use. You can choose VPN programs to prevent your important information, such as your bank information, from falling into third parties. With these programs, since your data will be encrypted, malicious people will not be able to access your information easily.

Frequently Asked Questions About VPN

1 – How does VPN work?
Although VPN uses many different protocols and technologies, it basically opens an encrypted (crypto) tunnel to the opposite network from where your computer is physically located. Since the information transmitted through this tunnel is encrypted when viewed from the outside, it cannot be viewed from the outside. Security experts judging by the subject see that encrypted data is flowing but cannot understand what its content is (if it is not using very weak security). VPN solutions install a network driver that is customized to your computer or mobile device (or it comes embedded on mobile devices) and pretends to be a virtual network adapter, giving you an IP number from the network opposite. In this way, you can access permitted applications or local addresses.
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2 – What kind of VPN systems and uses are there?
Today, there are three different popular VPNs. One of them is how we work, where we describe the basic mechanism, for example VPN systems that allow you to connect to systems, services or your computer from your home computer. With these systems, you can enter a remote network as if you were there and take action there. You can do this very safely.

Cloud Solutions: The second usage area is systems that are very common in our country other than business use, collecting all the traffic collectively and leaving the internet environment from a different location (usually from another country). One advantage of this VPN technology is that it works especially on public networks. For example, there is a wireless network that you connect to with or without encryption. If there is a password, other computers connected to the network, if there is no password, everyone around can see the data flowing here and create social attack vectors related to you or the company you work with using social engineering techniques. The VPN system that is activated at this point provides almost complete security as it can “sniff” the data flowing from your computer or mobile device (sniffing, collecting and analyzing data packets) from the network and bring it to the internet. After this point, you can browse the internet, synchronize your files in cloud services without showing which service you are using, and send files more securely via unsecured FTP services.

The last VPN type is specialized systems that save the lives of the players and decrease the server response times (pings) that increase due to misrouting problems. These systems solve the problem that your internet service provider bounces from point to point without distinguishing the game data and draws a shorter route to you, and especially in multiplayer online games we call MMO, it is visible and reduces the nerve coefficients. They may be cheaper or more expensive than previous VPN solutions, but they are generally life-saving because they have settings that are constantly updated from game to game.

3 – How to Use a VPN?
Your system administrators are the people to consult about VPN systems that you will use to access your company. It will probably perform this setup by bringing your computer and / or mobile device to various security standards. In other types of VPNs, you usually need to purchase a service and then install software on your system. VPN systems will require administrative rights on computers because they can be added as a driver to the system. If you are going to use VPN systems for games, let us remind you that the game will have to find its location in your system and define it in software (sometimes they can do it automatically) and start the game through this software.

4 – Can I hide my online trace with VPN?
Cyber ​​Security In general VPN services that you can make yourself invisible on the network you are invisible, various registration systems are used by the service provider. These registration systems, of course, vary according to many countries (that is, the country of the company that provides the service). You can find out from the provider of the service you bought. The internet regulations of that country may affect you positively or negatively from the moment you log in to the systems that carry you to the internet after moving you to a different country. If you have access to your company correctly or through the network at your company, if you have a good system management staff, you will keep track of where you are connected via VPN access. So VPN technology doesn’t make you invisible; allows you to do your job more safely.

5 – What do I pay?
Many foreign companies on the market offer general or customized VPN solutions. Prices of these services vary around 10-20 pounds per month. In unpaid services, there is usually a limit on the amount of data, and after a point it either stops completely or slows down as you wouldn’t want to use.

6 – Are VPNs Secure?
Until recently, the use of VPN services was referred to as the main services used only by corporate companies. However, today, thanks to the ease of access it promises to users, the internet has become a popular service that users from all walks of life are actively using. Of course, is VPN, which still has a different place in the corporate field, safe enough to provide the entire data flow? Because with VPN services, many corporate companies provide access to project flows and database accesses with VPN services.

As it is known, there are two main methods to use VPN services: Buying ready-made services from companies or creating VPN service directly with the servers that the companies will acquire. It is. Unfortunately, it was possible to grasp that this was not the case as a result of an HMA related incident, which is considered to be the largest of the ready VPN services!

Conflicting promises of VPN service providers!
The fact that companies are turning to cloud storage today and doing many things with remote access started to attract the attention of hackers with black hats (abusing their knowledge) especially in this direction. As a matter of fact, we sometimes witness that even firms such as world giants Sony and Apple are victims of these hackers. The hacker group behind a virtual attack by Sony on these events, as it is known, was caught by the FBI. Moreover, the answer to the question of how they were found and caught is hidden in VPN services!

The importance of customized VPN services compared to ready-made services!
Is VPN Safe? One or one of the hackers in question took shelter behind the VPN service called HMA during or after the attack (no clear explanation) and the place where they were hiding as a result was directly explained by HMA. However, such large companies prefer to answer almost any related question with the answer that it is not logged. However, as can be understood from this example, unfortunately VPN services are always logged, compelled to keep logs due to personal security or “secret” procedures of the company.

Although this is a very specific example, it is a good occasion to generalize. Because taking shelter behind the security of the unconscious VPN services, supposedly, can result in unexpected actions.

So, what kind of way should VPN follow in the corporate field?
The clearest answer to this question is; private or confidential company data will be professionally created by a senior responsible, creating a customized VPN network. Because instead of entrusting the company to a third “secure” VPN service, preparing VPN services that are shaped and managed entirely under the control of the company or the individual will provide a relatively secure communication network.

While the internet is in all living areas every day, it also leads to the spread of so many security problems in parallel. It is always beneficial to support customized systems without ignoring this dilemma.

Are there any FREE VPN?

Yes there are so many FREE VPns in the internet. But don’t forget if something is free, you are the product! We recommend Windscribe VPN to use free. Use these kind of VPNs just for fun. Don’t use for checking emails, bank accounts or private chats.

The Best VPN For 2020

Since 2006, PureVPN has been serving to protect internet freedom and prevent data loss from censorship and restrictions, and helps you easily circumvent the barriers and filters that try to keep you from your favorite programs. PureVPN has progressed on its path with a modest start and now has over 500 servers in 141 countries: Canada, Singapore, Spain, Belgium, Kenya, Azerbaijan, Vietnam, Brazil, Montenegro, Myanmar, Costa Rica, Indonesia, Niger, Bahamas, UK , Lebanon, Germany, Slovenia, Seychelles, Ireland, Malta, Turkey, Australia, USA, Japan, Cyprus, Finland, Yemen, Romania, Ecuador, Angola, Liechtenstein, Cambodia, Norway, Argentina, Poland, Portugal, the Philippines, Switzerland, Iceland, New Zealand, Tunisia, Ghana, Egypt, Thailand, Syria, Pakistan, Slovakia, Jamaica, Hungary, Albania, Bulgaria, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Estonia, South Africa, Panama, Brunei, Greece, Turkmenistan, Lithuania, UAE, Madagascar, India, Austria, Kazakhstan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mongolia, Afghanistan, Italy, Qatar, Cuba, Jordan, Kyrgyzstan, Denmark, Laos, Luxembourg, Nigeria, France, Venezuela, Myanmar, Mauritius, Oman, Croatia, Chile, Tajikistan, Senegal, Georgia , Papua New Guinea, Peru, Day ey Korea, Bahrain, China, Ethiopia, Netherlands, Hong Kong, Colombia, Uzbekistan, Czech Republic, Jamaica, Latvia, Russia, Bangladesh, Belize, Malaysia, Mexico, Taiwan, Algeria, Sweden, Serbia, Mauritania, Tanzania, USA and others …

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PureVPN security protocols support PPTP, L2TP / IPSec, SSTP, OpenVPN and IKEv2. What if you’re in an IRC chat or online game! Or if you want to keep hidden yourself where you surf … Torrent and other P2P file sharing purevpn Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Russia and Turkey are limited to the server. For those who live in China and other high-risk areas, PureVPN even has a Privacy add-on that creates a confidential and secure browser environment on your device. Thanks to this, it will not only be as if you are connecting to the internet from the USA, England or any other place, but also browsing history, cookies etc. the details are also not kept on your device. You can better understand the importance of this if you think of a government official who could knock on your door in the middle of the night.

The following are the features that make PureVPN privileged at a glance:

PureVpn now provides 5 multi-logins.
65% discount on annual packages.
A completely new IP for every user.
Compatibility with Skype and other VOIP software.
Easy-to-use and cutting-edge apps for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.
Maximum security with features such as Internet Kill Switch and NAT Security Shield.
Free use, without speed and quota limitations.
Tailored servers with very well optimization can provide HDX streaming up to 20 Mbps.
In the meantime, the user-friendly technical team is at your service 24/7 every day of the year.
PureVPN requires you to install firmware and logs your quota and input and output. Your account may be closed in any illegal activity, and we do not think that they will refund your money in such cases. Customer support is excellent with telephone, e-mail or live chat facilities. There are also many payment options:

AlertPay, Allpass, Allpay, Bitcoin, CashU, Daopay, Dotpay, EcoPayz, Epagseguro, EprePag, Fanapay, Fortumo, Gamania, Giropay, GSCash, Ideal, Impulsepay, Indomog, Interac, Credit Card, Mercadopago, MikroPay, MoneyBookers, MyCard Necard , Neosurf, Paysafecard, Plimus, Mail Check, Virtual Money, Smscoin, Ticketsurf, ToditoCash, Ukash, WebMoney

The software interface of PureVPN:

How to Login & Connect PureVPN Windows App
Dashboard interface: Write your login information, choose a destination or country and set the protocol.

General settings: Control automatic redial, traffic graphic options and personal security settings.

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Support interface: Here you can see your latest VPN connections. There are two support buttons for you to get help if you have technical problems.

PureVPN Prices

Before make a logn term payment, I advice to you that try every service before buy. If all things go smooth you can buy long term.

So, to try before buy PureVPN has 7-day trial for $0.99

Monthly membership is $ 10.95, $ 49 per year, and there are 2 years, $ 79, plus the cost of add-ons you choose.

In today’s volatile and insecure world, PureVPN offers a great way to protect your privacy and information.

You can get all the information and features from PureVPN website.

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