Qualcomm Faces $ 680 Million Lawsuit


Qualcomm, one of the dominant names in the chip market, is facing a $ 680 million damages lawsuit. The company will have to pay Apple and Samsung users in the UK if it loses a lawsuit filed by a consumer association.

US based processor manufacturer QualcommIs facing a consumer lawsuit in which users in the UK may have to pay millions of dollars in total. One of the country’s leading consumer associations “Which? “, To the manufacturer known for their Snapdragon chips for allegedly violating competition laws. $ 683 million filing a lawsuit for compensation.

The association that filed the lawsuit claims Qualcomm’s patent licensing and dominance in the processor market for technology licenses to Apple and Samsung. by charging high fees and that these high fees are reflected in smartphone prices. If the case is concluded against Qualcomm Since 2015 People who buy an Apple or Samsung mobile phone, depending on the number and type of phones they purchase 24 ila 42 dolar will receive compensation between.

Qualcomm denies the allegations:


A company spokesperson told BBS News that these allegations were unanimously reported by the panel of judges in the United States Ninth Court of Appeal last summer, as plaintiffs are aware. that you have been denied told.

‘Which?’ which is the amount of compensation stated by the association 683 million dollarsIs a little over 2.8% of Qualcomm’s revenue last year. Qualcomm, which has long been in trouble with such monopoly cases, is only in Asia. 2.6 billion dollars It was faced with penalties exceeding.


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However, in recent years, the EU Commission has paid to Qualcomm, which has been found to only pay Apple to use its own chips and in this way prevent other competitors. 997 million euros had been fined.

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