Qualifications Held at French GP in Formula 1


The qualifying laps for the Paul Ricard GP, the 7th race of the season in Formula 1, have been completed. At the end of the qualifying rounds, the pole position went to Red Bull’s Verstappen.

The pinnacle of motorsports Formula 1While entering a busy schedule where we will see three weekend races in a row, qualifying laps in France Paul Ricard GP, the first of these three races, have been completed. The name that will start the race from the first place in the qualifying rounds has been announced.

Can be edited in many different ways Paul Ricard’da A few changes this year also required the drivers to re-accustom to the track. After the training laps, the qualifying laps, which were expected to compete between Red Bull and Mercedes, started eventfully.

Red flags again

fransa gp

At the beginning of the first session AlphaTauri’den Tsunoda it gave a spin, causing red flags to be waved in just 41 seconds. The Japanese driver and vehicle could only stop by touching the barriers and said goodbye to qualifying. In the final moments of the episode, the session was stopped due to Mick Schumacher hitting the barriers. Latifi, Mazepin, Raikkonen, Stroll ve Tsunoda There were names eliminated in the first session.


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In the second part, it was noticed that some teams preferred medium dough. Only Williams’ George Russell was on the track on soft tyres. Eliminated pilots in this episode Ocon, Vettel, Giovinazzi, Russell and unable to run Mick Schumacher it happened.

First row Verstappen

fransa gp


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The final parts of the qualifying rounds were the scene of great contention. Away from pole position in the past two races Mercedes and Red Bull, with the street races behind, has returned to the first place again. The pilots of both teams started their time laps in the last minute of the session.

The name that will start the race tomorrow from the first place Verstappen it will be. Him-her-it Hamilton and bottas will follow. Perez will be in the 4th place. Other pilots who completed the top 10 were Sainz, Gasly, Leclerc, Norris, Alonso and Ricciardio, respectively. The race will be held tomorrow. Ask your questions about the race or other topics you are curious about. #WebteknoPodcast If you tag it in the comments, we’ll answer it in the next episode of our F1 to 1 podcast. You can find the part where we talked about the previous race below.