Quantum Encryption Will Be The Solution To Cyber ​​Attacks In Japan


Blockchain and crypto will become even more important in the future than it is today. A consortium of Japanese firms announced the start of work on quantum cryptography to increase the security of stock trading in the country.

Technology is constantly developing and almost everything is smart version comes out. We are used to until today to smart phonesIn addition to watches, televisions, our cars, living spaces and cities keep pace with development.

Unfortunately, not all of the things these developments bring with them are good. One of the most important problems that arise is cyber security. Japanese firms have an idea to make stock trading safer.

Quantum cryptography to stocks

quantum encryption

In japan Toshiba, NEC Corp. and Nomura Holding The joint work initiated by was announced. The aim of this study is to ensure that financial institutions from cyber attacks and is theoretically impossible to break to help protect against growing threats quantum encryption improving the system.

In the statement made by the group, the new system to be developed a few in the year It was stated that it was hoped to be used in stock trading. so share trading operations will be much more secure than they are now.


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In quantum encryption, quantum mechanics is technically used instead of traditional codes. A third party If he tries to use the data, it is theoretically impossible to reach the data. Because this contact is leaves a mark and how the data will work out is also differentiated for the third party. In this method quantum entanglement Such methods are used.

Financial instruments also get smarter

block chain


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Actually Bitcoin’in Since the first academic paper it was introduced, the tools used in financial markets are also getting smarter. For example, crypto coins, used in many areas blok chains it leads the way in this field. Today, smart contracts are becoming more and more popular.

So it is not surprising that the Japanese venture also made such a decision for stocks. Maybe in the future paper money almost completely disappeared and we will live in a society where all the wealth in the world is used through smart systems.

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