Quarterly report: Vodafone grows strongly due to Unitymedia purchase


The takeover of the cable network operator Unitymedia brings Vodafone strong growth in Germany. The company announced this on February 5, 2020 known, In the reporting period, sales rose by 25.3 percent to 2.9 billion euros. Without Unitymedia, growth would have been only 1.6 percent. In the quarter, Vodafone migrated 52,000 customers from DSL from Deutsche Telekom to their own cable network. The number of new customers in the cable network including Unitymedia rose by 153,000 during this period.

Job market

  1. University of Passau, Passau
  2. ARIBYTE GmbH, Berlin

Vodafone Germany has around 18.6 million customers with mobile phone contracts and a total of 10.7 million customers in the fixed network. "The Unitymedia purchase was spot on. Our integration is progressing"said Vodafone Germany boss Hannes Ametsreiter.

Unitymedia has already lowered prices in its gigabit cities to the level of Vodafone. However, the new offer only applies to new customers, existing Gigabit customers continue to pay the old price. The Unitymedia brand will no longer exist in the medium term, but an exact date has not yet been determined.

The British Vodafone Group could sales (PDF) increase by 6.8 percent to 11.75 billion euros. The Organic Service Revenue indicator for sales of telecommunications services fell by 1.4 percent in Europe and rose by 9.1 percent in the rest of the world. "We expect sales growth in the service segment to gradually improve in the fourth quarter, led by Europe."said CEO Nick Read. Vodafone reported on Wednesday its third financial quarter, which ended on December 31, 2019.

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