Question mark “?” Where Does the Symbol Come From?

Written language is a very different element from spoken language because, contrary to our speech, we cannot convey what we say or say as we want unless we use certain punctuation marks in writing. In this article, which you will read in one breath, the most curved of the punctuation marks, the question mark “?” We’ll talk about the symbol and where it came from.

Communication is perhaps the most important feature people have. Learning each other’s thoughts, chatting, talking and discussing is truly a tool of morale correction. Of course, communication is very important not only verbally but also in writing. In written communication the most important feature that a person should have punctuation information Because without punctuation we can never deliver the message we want.

There are different types of punctuation used in each language, but some are universal and used for the same purpose in each language. In this article, these punctuation marks question mark “?” we will consider. What we use to describe that our sentences state a question question mark Have you ever wondered where did the symbol come from? There are 3 known theories so far, let’s explain.

Urban legend: The question mark symbol comes from cats and Ancient Egypt

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This theory, which is an urban legend known since ancient times, is included in the literature as the third theory, although it is the least accurate. The question mark symbol, according to some stories, Ancient Egypt It was a device produced and used to mark unknown places on maps in the era. The shape of this device your cats They were inspired by the way they put their tails while they were inquisitive.

Those who put forward this theory are also exclamation mark They say that cats are inspired by the way they make their tails straight like a stick when they are uneasy. So as a result, the question mark symbol is a cat worshiped by the citizens of Ancient Egypt. Sphinx coming from his cat.

But now this theory is almost completely out of whack, as the written language of Ancient Egypt did not use punctuation marks, and the first recorded use of punctuation marks did not occur until the 19th century. Therefore, we can say that this theory not true but it’s fun. Let’s take a look at other theories.

Romans !: The question mark symbol derives from the Latin word ‘qvaestio’

Where does the question mark come from

The foundations of our first, more realistic theory are also Roma’ya based on. According to this theory, the question mark symbol in Latin “Qvaestio ‘ and this word is also ‘question’ means. This word was used by teachers in the Middle Ages. ‘qo’ abbreviated form. Shorten this way ‘O’ letter, ‘q’ has passed under the letter of the letter and evolved to the present ‘?’ symbol appeared.

However, we can say that there is hardly any real evidence that this is the case because so far there has been no real evidence. Middle ages a well-founded handwriting has not been found. However, if we look at the way forward, our score for the theory is 7/10 because it makes sense.

Romans again !: But this time the British Alcuin is at the center of the event.

Where does the question mark come from

The story most widely accepted by linguists is that of York’s Alcuin. Alcuin was an academic who lived in 8th century England and had received an invitation from Cherlamange himself to attend his court. Alcuin accepted this offer without hesitation and went to France. While in France, Alcuin wrote numerous poems and books.

By this time Alcuin wrote poems and books, the need for punctuation in written texts became even more pronounced, as books were now read not only by priests aloud to the public but also in their own right. Without knowing where to pause and where to emphasize the question, it became very difficult for the priests to understand what they were reading.

Where does the question mark come from

In order to find a solution to this problem, Alcuin, ‘which is brought to the end of a sentence and determines the emphasis of the sentence’point querying‘created the symbol. The symbol itself, the old Roma It was a wave mark on one of its points. This embellishment on the dot (i.e. the present-day question mark) marks the punctuation marks of academics in Paris. become standard caused him to bring.

For use only in question sentences, Alcuin’s’point querying‘They chose the symbol. Printing appeared in the 17th century and question mark The symbol began to be used as a universal symbol in all Western countries. Arab world with question mark When they met for the first time, they reversed the direction of the question mark horizontally, as they wrote from right to left. If the Spanish inverting They started to use it at the beginning of their sentences.

Bonus info: Why is the question mark in Spanish also used inverted?

Where does the question mark come from

Because in Spanish, you can turn that sentence into a normal, exclamation or question sentence with only punctuation without changing the words in a sentence. This allows you to put emphasis better in written situations. For example:

  • This is my dog. (This is my dog.) (Normal)
  • This is my dog! (This is my dog!) (Angry)
  • This is my dog? (Is this my dog?) (Confused-Question)

In Turkish, we need to add explanations to the sentence to state such situations in writing. For example:

  • Burak, ‘this is my dog‘ said.
  • Burak, ‘This is my dog!‘he was angry.
  • Burak, ‘Is this my dog?‘ she asked.

Of course, there may not be exactly the scenarios where these situations work, and they can vary from sentence to sentence. But in Spanish inverted question mark and that’s why exclamation marks are used. Thus question mark “?” where does the symbol come from We have come to the end of our content on the subject. Please do not forget to state your thoughts and suggestions in the comments section below. Also to our official Telegram channel from here You can subscribe.