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Alexander Obermeier has been appointed new sales manager by ratioform. As Omni Channel Sales Director, he is responsible for all sales channels, from the field service to the web shop to the marketing spectrum. He will bring his extensive experience in sales to ratioform to intensify the digitization of the provider of transport packaging based in Pliening near Munich. With closely interlinked sales channels and additional digital services such as e-procurement, the 47-year-old wants to make the purchasing processes for packaging materials even easier for customers. He sees great potential in ratioform’s sustainable and CO2-neutral brand terra. Also in the best price brand economy and the high consulting competence of the packaging specialists.

Closely network sales channels at ratioform

“When it comes to packaging, we want to be a holistic and strong partner for our more than 150,000 customers across Europe. As the new Omni Channel Sales Director, I want all of our sales channels to be networked even more closely with one another. And we enable our customers to shop seamlessly across all channels, ”explains Alexander Obermeier. “This includes, above all, digitization. For example, e-procurement is a time-saving form of procurement for customers because it is partially or fully automated. That is why we want to create EDI interfaces for e-procurement processes for even more customers. If we process a higher proportion of traditional orders via electronic channels, we also gain resources for our sales staff. They can then further deepen the comprehensive advice we provide to our customers. ”

Alexander Obermeier is the new Omni Channel Sales Director at ratioform and focuses on the topics of digitization, sustainability and consulting. (Image: ratioform)

Ratioform offers 340 CO2-neutral packaging products

Alexander Obermeier sees the topic of sustainability – far more than a megatrend for packaging – as the key for the future: “In production, packaging and customer service, sustainability plays a key role and is becoming more and more important to many companies, and the trend is clearly rising. With our performance brand terra, which is completely CO2-neutral and now includes 340 packaging products, we offer our customers the packaging range that contributes to their climate protection goals. In the meantime, ratioform terra accounts for a continuously growing share of the around 400,000 deliveries that we put together in our seven locations across Germany and another four branches throughout Europe. ”

It is easier to compare products and services on the Internet: “With our consulting expertise and our wide range, including terra or the best-price brand economy, to name just two examples, we are already clearly differentiating ourselves from the competition. It is our aim to further deepen our advice. In areas such as intralogistics in particular, it is important that we familiarize ourselves precisely with the customer’s work in order to optimize his packing processes such as packing lines. ”

Cooperation with sister company of Takkt AG

When implementing his plans for sales at ratioform, Alexander Obermeier can fall back on years of experience in trading office supplies and business equipment. Most recently, the 47-year-old headed a division at a well-known German office wholesaler. In addition to his sales know-how, he will benefit from synergies from the Takkt Group in his new role at ratioform. The group of companies is a business equipment company with around three million customers in 25 countries.

Alexander Obermeier sees great potential in ratioform’s affiliation with Takkt AG: “The close cooperation with the other business areas offers many opportunities. For example, we complement each other perfectly with our sister company Kaiser + Kraft, which equips offices, factories and warehouses. With joint action, we can learn from each other, open up new, international markets and develop further together. ”

The headquarters of ratioform is in Pliening near Munich. (Image: ratioform)

the Ratioform packaging GmbH is one of the market leaders in the retailing of packaging for shipping, warehouses and offices. Over 300 employees ensure that many thousands of items are ready for immediate dispatch. The company, headquartered in Pliening, is represented with its B2B multi-channel sales strategy at seven locations in Germany. And with foreign locations in Vienna, Barcelona, ​​Milan and Regensdorf in Switzerland. (sg)

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