Reactions of Those Who Complain About Exorbitant Rent Prices


Rental prices, which have increased significantly in recent years, are burning consumers’ pockets. Citizens now have to give serious figures even to a bad flat. Moreover, people can’t help but react when they say deposit, real estate agent commission, belongings, invoices.

In the world The country with the highest housing prices Turkey. As of the first quarter of this year, there was an increase of 32%. New Zealand follows Turkey with 22.1% and Luxembourg with 16.6%. It is quite interesting that while the welfare level of the other two countries is very high, Turkey is in the opposite situation.

The city with the highest increase globally is again from Turkey: İzmir. In the second place Ankara exists. İstanbul It ranks fourth with 28.8%. It is stated that the reasons for the housing price increases in Turkey are the high inflation, the depreciation of the Turkish lira, urban transformation, pandemic, opening of universities, and the demand of foreigners.

As seen in the example, even the rent of the ruins is around 2000 TL:

rent exorbitant fee

“2000 TL is over my budget.” There are also options for those who say. The next morning after renting 1700 TL, you may wake up from oppressive dreams and find yourself transformed into a giant insect in your bed.

rent ruin

Naturally, these high prices became the material of humor on Twitter and there were reactions that made people say “we are laughing, we are going to cry”.

tweet kira

Duplex at least.

budget rent

Your dream of living on the site is no longer a dream.

istanbul apartment

The torment of the grave is guaranteed.

circle small

I wish it was a closet, it would be used as a coffee table.

kitchen toilet

For those who want to write a novel about “alienation”, there are wonderful apartments in Kadıköy for 4000 TL.

alienation home

The pleasure of taking a quick shower on the way to work in the morning.

circle funny

The bunker where Saddam Hussein was hiding.

rental prices are expensive

On the bright side, the gas bill is low.

funny ad home

It receives light from all sides, this opportunity is not to be missed!

funny house building

Did you know that the starting point of mini flats in Tokyo is our flats?

real estate extortion

The room was fine, well lit and airy.

funny tweet house

Apartment for hibernation.

cihangir apartment

How much is the deposit?

hut funny

When you bring home your girlfriend, you have to stay out yourself.

himym tweet

Jokes aside, the situation is very serious.

housing prices

The demand-supply issue…

zaytung real estate


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