Reactions to Messi’s Leaving Barcelona


It has been announced that Barcelona star player Lionel Messi will not run the ball in Barcelona. We have compiled for you the posts about this separation of Messi.

Lionel Messi, one of the most important names in today’s football, is Barcelona’s from the infrastructure He was a star who grew up and managed to become a football player loved by the whole world. But today FC Barcelona from the official Twitter account The statement made the Barcelona fans upset.

In the statement, “Leo #Messi Barcelona FC how much will not continue” it was said. Later, the club said in a statement that despite the club’s agreement with Messi, financial and structural barriers It was said that the deal could not be realized because of this.

Hundreds of shares were shared on social media

After the famous football player left the team, many football lovers took to social media. expressed his sadness.Also from FC Barcelona official account 7 minutes A farewell video was shared. We have compiled for you the posts about Messi on social media.

Here are the posts about Messi on social media;