Reactions to the Crash of Instagram and WhatsApp


After the access problems in Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp as of this evening, everyone took their breath on Twitter, which is the last castle. We have compiled the reactions on Twitter to Facebook services that crashed at the same time for you.

As of this evening, millions of users around the world have started to experience problems accessing Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp. After successive notifications, both Instagram and WhatsApp made a statement on the subject and, as usual, ‘they are working on the problem‘ they said. (But this time the problem was not a simple one)

Although hours passed, the situation did not improve, and on top of that, the internet connection problem experienced by Türk Telekom users in our country arose. As a classic, users who have a weak internet connection and cannot access Instagram and WhatsApp took to Twitter.


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The collapse of Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram is on Twitter:

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