Reactions to the suspended Brazil-Argentina Match


The Brazil-Argentina match, played this evening and eagerly awaited by the whole world, has been suspended due to the COVID-19 violation. We have compiled the reactions to this eventful match for you.

In the first minutes of the Brazil-Argentina match, which started at 22:00 Turkish time, messed up. In the match played in Brazil Brazilian Ministry of Health officials, entering the field during the match, and Emiliano Martinez, Lo Celso, Romero and Buendia. deportation Tried to initiate necessary actions.

As the reason for this deportation, 4 Argentine football players violating health protocols claimed. Making a statement after the event, Argentina Coach Scaloni said, “Why are they entering the field in the middle of the match, They could have talked to us at the hotel before the matchHe explained that this situation was inappropriate.

Reaction poured in from social media

After this incident, the footballers reacting to the situation went to the locker room, Southern Argentina Football Federation the match has been suspended explained. The Association of American Football Associations (CONMEBOL) is the referees to be sent to FIFA. have prepared a report explained. This situation can be experienced both between football clubs and FIFA and between countries. can lead to a diplomatic crisis.

Of course, the fans reacted to this situation on social media. Football lovers, both in our country and all over the world, say that this is wrong and that such problems should be resolved before the match argued. We have compiled the comments from this eventful match for you.

Reactions to the Brazil-Argentina match: