Real-time timetable for long-distance trains comes in Google Maps

Deutsche Bahn brings a real-time timetable for its long-distance trains to the Google map app. This means that users can also display IC and ICE connections, including possible delays and platform changes, in the Google Maps route planner. A link to train portals should make it easier to buy tickets for the selected route there.

“We can use Google Maps to reach a lot of people in Germany who are not yet taking the train,” said Michael Peterson, head of long-distance rail transport, at the announcement on Tuesday. They want to show that the train is fast and comfortable compared to other means of transport. Data on trains traveling to surrounding countries are also integrated.

The cooperation is not exclusive, as the companies emphasized. “In principle, we are always open to such partnerships,” said Bahn spokesman Steffen Rutsch about possible similar agreements with other card services. “The basic requirement is that there is equal cooperation on an equal footing.”


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