Recall for Porsche’s electric car Taycan – its drive can fail


Porsche calls Taycan customers to the workshops because the drive unit can suddenly switch off during operation. Around 43,000 vehicles worldwide are potentially affected, around 3400 in Germany. The incidence rate of the error is around 3 per thousand of vehicles, so there is no need to panic. So far there have been no accidents, injuries or even deaths.

When the error occurs, there is no more propulsion, comparable to an outgoing, decoupled reciprocating engine. Power steering, power brakes and everything else, including the high-voltage system, remain functional. Although the car coasts to a standstill, it can still be fully steered and braked. To fix the error on the go, it is sufficient to switch the button off and on again to continue. To do this, the car has to be stationary.

The error occurs because the communication between the drive control and the converters in the E-axes can be swallowed up by a software error. Porsche’s solution: a software update. The workshop imports this update because the converters then run a calibration run. From a technical point of view, that might also work for the customer, but Porsche prefers to do it under the supervision of the mechanics.

Instrument panel in the Porsche Taycan

Instrument panel in the Porsche Taycan

There is an on / off button at the bottom left of the dashboard. Not everyone knows it because the car switches on / off automatically when you get in / out. If the error occurs: Switch it off and on again, then continue driving. There is no need to wait for the bus to rest.

(Image: Porsche)

All Taycan models that were produced up to June 2021 are affected. Models produced after June are not affected. Porsche’s workshops write to the respective owners. The callback is free of charge for customers. It is not yet clear to what extent the problem affects the technically almost identical Audi e-Tron.


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