Recommended Names for the First Turk to Go to Space

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan made a post about the name proposals for the astronaut and cosmonaut alternative for the Turks who will go to space after the introduction of the National Space Program. We have compiled some of the answers to this share from the internet and social media for you.

Recently Turkey Space Agency, All of Turkey by sharing their social media accounts of a wrapping made her curiosity. This curiosity finally ended today. Turkey’s National Space Program in the event held at the Presidential National Congress and Culture Center introduced. Your program will shape the next 10 years announced.

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, has listed the top 10 destination on Turkey’s promotional activities carried out in the space. The first of these goals is, Contacting the Moon in 2023 happened. The 10th and current final goal was announced as sending a Turkish citizen to space.

Turks going to space will not be called astronauts or cosmonauts:


After the introduction, President Erdoğan shared a post on his Twitter account with the account #skyuzüneBakAyGör. how to select the citizens will go to Turkey, Erdogan’s first space summarize, share, at the same time from users asked for a suggestion. This proposal was about how the Turks going to space should be remembered.

As you know, people who travel in space in many parts of the world ‘astronautIt is known as. However, many countries have determined different names to correspond to the word astronaut. Russia, for example, for these people ‘cosmonotWhen using the phrase ‘France’astronaut‘, China’taikonaut‘and India’vyomanaut‘he uses the expression. The president’s share would find a similar statement made in Turkey, it has said it will decide this üzerineyse together.

After the President’s post, which included an invitation to the proposal, many social media users started to suggest names for Turks going to space. We have compiled some of these suggestions on social media and on the internet for you.

Alternative name suggestions for astronaut and cosmonaut:





Our goal is to reach the Moon in 2023: Turkey’s National Space Program Introduced