Record Number of Cases 1 Day Before Olympics

While the countdown to the Olympics has started in Japan, where 15,100 people have died due to COVID-19 to date, the number of cases has started to increase. One day before the start of the Tokyo Olympics, Tokyo reached the highest number of cases in the last 6 months with 1,979 cases.

The Tokyo Olympics, which have been postponed to a year later and will be held on July 23-August 8 this year, have been criticized many times due to the dangers posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, and the petition launched to prevent the Olympics from being held. more than 400 thousand peopleI had signed.

One day before the start of the Tokyo Olympics, the number of cases started to increase in Tokyo. Seeing the highest peak in the last 6 months The number of cases in Tokyo is 2,000 per day. rose.

Tokyo Olympics is poised to be one of the most controversial Olympics in history

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With the increasing rates of vaccination worldwide, many countries began to lift restrictions one by one, and the stands of sports competitions held without spectators during the pandemic began to fill up again. Despite the decrease in the number of cases, the Tokyo Olympics, in which thousands of people will participate, will be held, especially for people living in Tokyo It was seen as a great danger and hundreds of thousands of people signed the campaign to postpone the Olympics.

Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga on July 12 due to COVID-19 Despite declaring a state of emergency in Japan He insisted that the Olympics take place and did not renege on his decision, announcing that the Tokyo Olympics 2020 would start on the scheduled date.

Unfortunately, what was predicted happened and one day before the Olympics, Tokyo reached the highest number of cases in the last six months. Although the highest number of cases recorded on January 15 was 2 thousand 44, the number of cases recorded in Tokyo today bin 979’a reached. While Prime Minister Suga banned entry to Tokyo venues under the state of emergency, Limit on the number of people that can sit outdoors brought.

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