Record sales: Germans spend billions on apps

Whether games, learning programs or office applications – according to the industry, smartphone users in Germany are spending more money on mobile phone apps than ever before. The digital association Bitkom is assuming a turnover of 2.9 billion euros with smartphone programs by the end of the year. The association announced on Saturday in Berlin that sales had almost doubled within two years. Last year, 2.3 billion euros were converted in this country, and around 1.6 billion euros in 2019. According to Bitkom, the figures are based on calculations by the market research institute research2guidance.

“The range of apps is getting bigger and bigger – they replace the digital camera, the bookshelf, the game console,” said the Bitkom division manager for consumer technology, Sebastian Klöß. “During the Corona crisis in particular, people spent more time with their smartphones. They tried out new apps and also spent more money in the process – for example to stay fit with paid online courses, to pass the time with games or to to learn new languages. ”

According to Bitkom, the majority of sales (74 percent) come from so-called in-app purchases. A mobile phone program is basically free of charge for users, but certain functions cost money. 16 percent of sales would be generated through advertisements in smartphone applications. Only every tenth euro arises from the purchase of a mobile phone program that is generally chargeable. In the course of the Corona crisis, the proportion of sales from paid apps has increased significantly again – from three percent in 2019 to currently ten percent.

Nevertheless, in-app purchases remain dominant in terms of sales, which is particularly evident in the games market, which also accounts for the majority of app sales in Germany. According to the industry association game (Association of the German Games Industry eV) came up in the first half of 2020 1.108 billion euros in sales with in-app purchases in game apps just 5.5 million euros for the purchase of game apps. Hardly any game without an in-app purchase function makes it into the Charts the top-selling game apps; For example, in August 2021, according to game, the controversial game of chance Coin Master topped the sales charts.

In-app purchases dominate the game app market.

(Image: game)

According to Bitkom, a total of 3.3 billion apps will be downloaded in Germany this year – an increase of 17 percent compared to the previous year.


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