Recover Deleted Photos and Deleted Videos


iPhone users with iOS operating system think that when they accidentally delete a video or photo, it will be lost forever, but this is not the case. Don’t worry, there are some simple methods you can apply to recover deleted photos and deleted videos. Let’s take a closer look at the details.

The smartphones and other electronic devices of all of us have become not only machines but also memories. Our gallery is full of videos and photos that convey memories we never want to forget. Accidentally deleting one of these videos and photos can upset the user as if they destroyed that memory. Don’t worry, if you are using an iPhone with iOS operating system recover deleted videos possible to do the operation.

deleted photos and recover deleted videos There are some simple but effective methods you can apply for the process. You can do this by using the own features of iPhone devices, or you can bring back a photo or video that you think is completely gone by using a third-party program. How to restore deleted videos We explained all the details.

How to restore deleted photos and deleted videos?

  • Step #1: Open the iPhone Photos page.
  • Step #2: Open albums.
  • Step #3: Open the Recently Deleted album.
  • Step #4: Find the video or photo you deleted and open it.
  • Step #5: Tap on Recover.
  • Step #6: Confirm the action.
  • Step #7: The operation is ok.

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Happily, iPhone users with iOS operating system can find a video or photo that they accidentally deleted among their Photos albums. They can find and recover in the Recently Deleted album. Videos and photos in the Recently Deleted album are stored for approximately 40 days. It is possible to recover or manually delete all images found here within 40 days.

How to restore completely deleted photos and completely deleted videos?

  • Step #1: If you are using a computer with macOS operating system from here Download Stellar Data Recovery.
    • If you are using a computer with a Windows operating system from here Download Stellar Data Recovery.
  • Step #2: Complete the program installation.
  • Step #3: Connect your iPhone to computer with USB cable.
  • Step #4: Click on Recover iPhone.
  • Step #5: Select Camera Roll.
  • Step #6: Click Next.
  • Step #7: Click the Scan button.
  • Step #8: View the items you can recover.
  • Step #9: Select the videos and photos you want to recover
  • Step #10: Save selected videos and photos to your iPhone or computer.
  • Step #11: The operation is ok.

Stellar Data Recovery

Stellar Data Recovery program can be accidentally completely removed on iPhone smartphones with iOS operating system. It is developed to recover deleted videos and photos. If you have not been able to recover the deleted photos from the Recently Deleted album within 40 days, the most effective method is to use the Stellar Data Recovery program.

With Stellar Data Recovery program, permanently deleted videos and photos on iPhone, files on damaged iPhones, files lost with the update, files that you do not want to lose when your device is stolen or lost, Files lost due to jailbreaking, files on the device you reset; In short, it is possible to recover all the files that have disappeared.

If you have backed up your files to iCloud or iTunes via the same program, it is possible to recover them. Files backed up to iCloud or iTunes can be recovered after a factory reset, but this process as it will cause you to lose the rest of your files It is possible to recover files via Stellar Data Recovery program by following a similar process to the above steps.

Precautions you can take to avoid losing files on iPhone:

cloud storage

Accidentally deleted photos and videos with Stellar Data Recovery recover deleted videos although you can still It is obvious that it is a difficult process. There are some precautions you can take to avoid dealing with such troublesome processes and not losing your files permanently.

First, be sure to use a cloud storage service. iCloud, Apple’s cloud storage service, for some reason, deletes a file from the cloud storage when you delete a file from the device. So it’s not very functional for such situations. Therefore, protect your important files, photos and videos against possible accidental deletion. store in a third-party cloud storage it will always be better.