Red-Green wants to use more on-demand services for the Hamburg transport association


In order to better connect the outer Hamburg districts to local public transport, the SPD and the Greens are campaigning for a stronger integration of so-called on-demand traffic in the Hamburg Transport Association (HVV). For this purpose, the usage data of the Ioki and Moia ordering services are to be evaluated and the test operations to be extended beyond 2021, according to a joint application by the government groups for the citizenship meeting on August 18, which the German Press Agency has received. Alternatively, the establishment of additional bus lines must be examined.

Ioki-Shuttles have been transporting passengers without a fixed timetable in Osdorf and Lurup since July 2018 and also in Billbrook since November 2019, for example between their front door and a rapid transit station. Moia transports passengers in large electric vehicles as part of a collective trip, also on request, in the inner city and selected neighboring districts.

“The integration of the on-demand traffic brings us one step closer to the goal of the Hamburg clock,” said the SPD traffic expert Ole Thorben Buschhüter of the dpa. “By 2030, we want to ensure that all citizens of Hamburg can reach local public transport within five minutes from morning to evening.” Areas on the outskirts of the city would be difficult to develop with the classic regular bus service. On-demand services as part of the HVV are intended to close this gap.

To this end, the on-demand offer must be stabilized “or, where there is demand, a regular bus service must alternatively be set up,” said the transport policy spokesman for the Greens, Gerrit Fuß. “The findings from the test operation help us to make public transport attractive and accessible for everyone.” When evaluating the usage data for the upcoming evaluations of the Ioki and Moia services, however, the effects of the corona pandemic would have to be taken into account.



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